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love poems to my loveI started writing love poems to my love back in June of 2006. Yes! I'm in love and here I share the result of my inspiration - these love poems. Soon it will be two years that my love and I will have been together. How long have you been together with your love?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

An Angel To Watch Over You

There's an angel watching over you
To keep you safe and always light your way
For you're someone very special
who means more than words can say

And may that angel always be by your side
As I pray to God to forever be your guide
And let that angel guard and protect you through
Your life's journey my dearest love,
As I'll try to do the same too

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Yes, I want to shout it out aloud "I Love You," and I have done just that so many times, day and night with her right beside me. We laugh and giggle and hope the neighbours in the apartments next door, up and down, don't object too much. I have written many love poems to my love and would like to share them with you. These love poems are one of the ways I express my love to My Love. How do you go about expressing your love to Your Love? Please do write and let me know at poemsmylove.blogspot.com.