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love poems to my loveI started writing love poems to my love back in June of 2006. Yes! I'm in love and here I share the result of my inspiration - these love poems. Soon it will be two years that my love and I will have been together. How long have you been together with your love?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Sunny Day and You

It was another sunny day
So off walking I went again
I wrapped myself up well
To keep out the cold
With enough layers to remove
If my heat began to swell

No sooner than I walked
Along my regular lane-way of a road
With warming sun shining
Even on a January day of cold
When I heard the birds sounding
Chirping sweetly in the trees
As if to greet me on the walk
While I had you in my memories

There's plenty of snow around
But today the lane-way had been shovelled
The truck must've came early this morning
As I was in bed asleep and all covered
So down the road I strode, no
Shorter strides I actually took
My walk is part of my exercise
And the stride is fast
You should see how I look

One step, two steps
Faster and faster
The sun, the cold, the birds
Me striding, you in my memories
What a combination as I tried to master
Speed-walking techniques and exercise
While meditating on the day
With thoughts of God and you
Blending all around, while I pray

Yes it was another sunny day
Plenty of white and blue
Some green trying hard to peer
Bowed down with heavy packets like glue
But the road was clear
And my walk went well with all in view
Plus the sweet sounding birds a chirping
Mixed with crunching-boot step beats
Altogether a different kind of music
Especially when I can enjoy it all with you

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Yes, I want to shout it out aloud "I Love You," and I have done just that so many times, day and night with her right beside me. We laugh and giggle and hope the neighbours in the apartments next door, up and down, don't object too much. I have written many love poems to my love and would like to share them with you. These love poems are one of the ways I express my love to My Love. How do you go about expressing your love to Your Love? Please do write and let me know at poemsmylove.blogspot.com.